• Great sound developed from simple details

  • Evolution in technology, revolution in sound

  • A product for every application

Great sound developed form simple details.

If looking for high end sound quality systems then no doubt you are in the right place. At brio, we have got a technology that is sustained by the mastery of our host of personnel.  Combined with the most advanced product technologies, our highly qualified and talented personnel control and develop every detail of our products. We strive to ensure that our products reach the market in the shortest time possible. Every product we develop is technologically high end and are rigorously projected, ideated and finalized in Taiwan. The pro-audio department ensures that every circuit boards, capsules, drivers and more are constructed with astonishing attention to ensure our products beat the tests of time.

Every resource and skill of the exclusive technology implied in the brio products raises our company to a higher competitive edge and makes us gain an enormous advantage in the development of exemplary sound equipment.

Evolution in technology, revolution in sound

New innovations come up daily and at brio investments we are always the first to embrace the changes. We are actively in a continuous process of innovations and as trends change we also strive to find more innovative ways of guaranteeing the best possible sound. Our company are among the few in the world that project and completely realize speakers, amplifiers, microphones and karaoke mixers. We have got a host of highly qualified and experienced engineers in the acoustic, electronic and mechanic depertments who work closely together to offer innovative projects with absolute control to the detail.

We leverage simulation software to help us in simulation and understanding of the behavior of the microphones, amplifiers, speakers and their dynamic performances. Our talented team of engineers are committed at developing sound products that beat the tests of time in terms of quality and efficiency. Our good background and experience in the industry makes us better placed at providing your every desire in audio systems. We integrate our experience with the best software development to perfect all the ingredients to perfect and construct unrivalled products.

The constant attention to innovation, commitment to quality and the professional team of engineers makes the brand brio one of a kind and the protagonist of the made in Taiwan in the audio /video sector everywhere in the world. Our extensive variety of products all hail the notion of aptness and are a game changer in sound quality.

A product for every application.

Sound is an important component in communication and there are several reasons and occasions where sound has to be available. However, every event requires a particular sound system.  From a big rock concert to sound system for an international airport, from a theatre play to a conference in a government building you will always have an ultimate solution from us. At brio, we strive to meet everyone’s highest expectations through the high quality sound systems.  We value all our clients and we have designed our range of services to offer you optimum levels of convenience.  If looking for a difference in the quality of sound systems search no more because at brio we have it all.